“I now tell the children that if they won’t brush their teeth, I shall invite Hellbastard ’round for tea…”
(John Peel – Radio 1 Rock Show)


HELLBASTARD is often cited as being THE BAND who created the “crust” wave of the 1980’s. They formed in late 1984/’85 then died a premature death in 1992 but are now very much back in action again, tighter, more powerful and still as annoyed as they were from the off.

With the scarce availability of heavy music (especially heavy music with decent lyrics!), HELLBASTARD bring SOCIALLY AWARE lyrics and an unclassifiable form of punk/thrash metal music to the international stage.

Founding member Malcolm “Scruff” Lewty (Vocals/Guitars) saw fit to reform the ‘Bastard in 2008…The mischievious, unkempt-looking “Geordie” frontman comments; “It had to be done. There was a massive interest in the band worldwide and a friend called Vicente from Los Angeles made a HELLBASTARD internet site which got thousands of hits in a very short time….this was all well and good but it was consistency that had a big part in the HB revival. It was things like this and my own gut instinct which told me to reform the band, besides it is a great LIVE band…if I wasn’t IN the band I’d definately wanna go and see us live! It’s the ENERGY and PASSION I guess…it always comes across”

After worldwide album sales of well over a million, their latest full-length album, “THE NEED TO KILL…” (Selfmadegod/Civilisation records) and their latest E.P., “ECO-WAR” (Selfmadegod Records) both received rave reviews in the worldwide press and have helped bring HELLBASTARD’s music to an entire new generation of listeners.

Over the past couple of years, HELLBASTARD have completed a full headlining tour of Europe (2009), two headlining tours of the USA (2009 and 2010) and a UK/Eire tour in 2011. The band will soon be entering the studio to record a new album set for release in 2011/2012.

HELLBASTARD have done a split 12″ limited edition blue/black vinyl disc with friends DRESDEN (USA), featuring some tracks from the SONS OF BITCHES session.

From reforming Hellbastard in 2008 to the present day, we have released:

  1. The Need To Kill – Rage murder and retaliations,….the rise of the working classes) LP/ (Coloured Vinyls).
  2. The Need To Kill – Rage murder and retaliations,….the rise of the working classes) CD.
  3. Eco-War CD EP. (Plus limited amounts of ‘white-label’ promo cd issues exist,..)
  4. Hellbastard/Dissent Split 7″ Clear Vinyl EP.
  5. Hellbastard/Dresden Split 12″ Coloured Vinyl EP.
  6. Sons Of Bitches CD EP.
  7. Sons Of Bitches LP (Various coloured vinyls)
  8. Sons Of Bitches White Label Test Pressings with free embroidered patch & special silk screened cover. (Only 35 copies in existence).
  9. Re-release of debut demo Ripper Crust (1986)….(LP Coloured Vinyl) with silver sleeve & poster and special stuff. (Re-released with GOLD sleeve later on).
  10. Official Video for the track “Pylons II”
  11. Official Video for the track “Cheyne Stoking…”
  12. Official Video for the track “Sea Shepherd”
  13. Official Video for the track “Fir Bolg-Bow to Slough feg”
  14. Official Video for the track “Arcadia..”
  15. Official Video for the track “Engineering Human Consciousness-The removal of Intelligentsia in a Machievellian Society” (parts 1&2).
  16. Official Teaser trailer for the split Hellbastard/Dresden vinyl 12″.
  17. Official Teaser trailer for the “Sons Of Bitches” CD EP.
  18. Endless touring around the world & sporadic appearances in various countries…… We’re a rock band, we make records and tour when we are able and nobody has heard of us. We are as old as dinosaurs and we play shows to people who enjoy the whole vibe, and nobody knows who we are. We love it, but nobody knows who we are.
  19. Split coloured Vinyl 7″ with Perpetrator (Portugal/Hellprod/Chaosphere/RagingPlanet recs).
  20. Official Video for the track “We are coven” (appears on “Feral” Album 2014/2015)
  21. Official Video trailer for FERAL album 2014/2015)
  22. FERAL ALBUM 2015.

Past releases (Complete) –
1986 – “Ripper Crust” demo
1987 – “Hate Militia” demo
1988 – “Heading for internal Darkness” LP
1988 – “They brought Death” EP
1988 – “Civilised” (track on ‘a vile peace’comp LP)
1988 – “They brought Death” on comp LP via Profane Existence)
1988 – “Thrashing a dead house” 12″ (features samples of Hellbastard)
1989 – “Earache demo”
1990 – “Natural Order” LP/Cassette/CD
1990 – “Justly Executed” on x3 comp CD/LP
1992 – “Situation Violent” demo
1993 – “Ripper Crust” purple vinyl
1997 – “In grind we crust” CD
1998 – “Blood fire death” CD
1998 – “Heading for more darkness” CD





Hellbastard Logo kindly created by the legendary awesome Nikos ‘Infiel’ Crust (Peru) p&c 2010.

Hellbastard are:

  • Malcolm Stephen “Scruff” Lewty – Vocals/Guitars/Motrobikes/Firebreathing/Cats/Axes/Wood/Strong Lad.
  • Laine Pearce-Rees – Bass/Tech-Specs/Steampunk Twat/Babyface/Ican’tmakethursday.com.
  • Peter Salvage – Guitars/Bare Knuckle Fighting/Anger Management/Jellied Sweets/I don’t feel very well, mate.
  • Stephen Lea – Drums/Percussion/Noise/Bang!/Clatter!/Crash!/Ker-Splat!
  • Dean Whitby (The 5th Member that slaves away on the merch stands at most of our shows…)


Hellbastard Europe/UK – Doomstarbooking.com

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  1. Hello, Scruff. Not seen you in ages, glad to see you’re still at it. This is Wobbly typing. Remember me? Glad to see you’re doing well. Hope everything stays good for you. Just messing about on the computer, thought I’d look you up. Been on the internet looking for a copy of the first album. Mine went missing somehow. Cheerio & good luck!

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