If you are amongst the crowd that has taken heavy metal too seriously, you have come to the right place. Heavy metal music is definitely not the kind of music that should be reprimanded, but should be celebrated. Yes, it is celebrated by a lot of people, but a lot of people look down upon it, because they think that this music instilled in them a sense of anger and aggression. A lot of people have reported that they were feeling aggressive or angry when they listen to it. But, that is not the point of this genre of music. This genre of music has so many benefits, but it does have a lot of myths surrounding it as well. Let us talk about some of these things, shall we?

Some people construe this genre of music as noisy, rebellious, unorthodox and aggressive. The headbanging fans who completely lose their senses can agree to the above sentence. It is not as traditional as classical rock music or metal music, but it does have a certain array of benefits.


The first myth that I would like to talk about is that people think that you cannot be a nice person and like heavy metal music at the same time. That is extremely absurd. That is like saying a vegan cannot commit murder, just because they only eat plants or plant-based food.

There is another myth that only messed up people like this kind of music, but a normal person can still enjoy a high tempo genre of music. I agree that heavy metal music can be quite noisy but, normal people can enjoy it. Some people ask, “Where is the song? It is all noise”. But if you actually think that all heavy metal songs are noise, you need to go ahead and listen to some of them. There is not exactly a solid explanation as to why it is so loud, but the distorted instruments put forth the noise in us and the feeling that it is really loud.

But, if you carefully listen, you will actually be able to hear some beautiful lyrics that go along with the song.

Music releases

Now for some benefits.

It has been proven that this genre of music releases dopamine which is also called the happy hormone in our brain. It does a fantastic job at making people happy. That is why, it helps people who are having anxiety attacks or panic attacks. Listening to heavy metal music naturally increases our heart rate, and it makes us more active, that is why people who are listening to heavy metal music while working out, tend to work out a little harder.