Heading For Internal Darkness

hellbastard heading for internal darkness Tracks:

We Had Evidence
Nazis Killed
Death Camp
Heading For Internal Darkness
The Pylons
Afrikaan Beggar
Rise Of Crust





We Had Evidence

We had evidence and no doubt
I had seen birth and death
The births were bitter agony
To follow, death…only your own

Not wanting truthfully to go
Mocked, they cried coward, onwards
Over the top…we’ll wait for you
But no one returns from a grave
Those that did return maimed and bled
Truth in their wounds from slaughter
Coming back for a medal…obscene

Worldwide evidence for all to know
Now rotted and in heaven…thank god


An innocent tribe living their lives
Caring for earth, no greed or hate
Along come these masters and let loose hell
Destroyed their lifestyles…time will tell

Modern day fascists fucked their plain
Killed their resources and stole their land
Is this civilisation, how we live today?
On the brink of destruction, not far away
The brink of destruction

All that bloodshed, humiliation, degradation
And for power and for land
No one can own our world…no one

And for power and for land

An innocent tribe living their lives
Caring for earth, no greed or hate
Along come these masters and let loose hell
Destroyed their lifestyles…time will tell

Nazis Killed

Your mindless chants
show your brain to be dead
How can you all
be so easily led?

Your forced with bullshit,
you think it’s right
You’ll keep your security,
you’re safe coz you’re white

You’ll not be needed,
just pawns in their game
The tables will turn,
you’ll be treated the same

Middle-aged business men
will seize the power
You’ll realise to late
your dreams have turned sour!

Death Camp

In the death camp attitude is worthless
Grey skulls lying in the gutter
Pissed on by dogs, and you thought they cared
Pissed on by dogs, and you thought they cared

The tattooed are made into purses and lampshades
The leftovers into pies and carried up into the moors
And sacrificially burnt by satans children
And no one cares

Mr. McDonald brought the children
To his meat packaging and processing plant
Pushed into the grinder by the army patrol
Pushed into the grinder by the army patrol


Sense is coming from the air.
Panic stricken are everywhere…
How can it be? This innocence scorched?
Why is this… insanity?
Sense is coming over the hill
Marked with death and ready to kill
Sense is coming from the air.
Panic stricken are everywhere…

Heading For Internal Darkness

When the resources have run out
And the sky hole is no more
We’ll have to realise
The carnage we have created

What is took must be given back
For life won’t go on with take
An endless void to enclose
A pointless exercise…greed
Look to the black
Look to the black?

The Pylons

The secret of these hills was stone
Of that stone made and crumbling roads
That turned on sudden hidden villages

Now over these small hills they have concrete
That trails black wire, pylons, those pillars
Bare like nude giant girls that have no secret

But far above and as far as sight endures
Like whips of anger with lightning danger
There runs the quick perspective of the future

This dwarfs our emerald country by it’s trek
So tall with prophecy, dreaming of cities
Where often clouds shall lean their swan white necks

Afrikaan Beggar

Sprawled in the dust outside Syrian store
A target for small children, dogs and flies
A heap of verminous rags and matted hair

Sometimes he shows his stumps of yellow teeth
The curse of pity, a grotesque mask of death
With hands like claws about his begging bowl

Lost in the trackless jungle of his pain
Clutching the pitless red earth in vain
And whimpering like a stricken animal

How the other half live-so much yet so little


The first LP by Hellbastard, and the best one to start if you haven’t listened to Hellbastard before. 9 tracks of dark and gloomy crust mixed with thrash metal, with political lyrics. If you like “Arise” by Amebix, you most definitely will like “Heading For Internal Darkness”.

 – – –

“Arise” by Amebix and this are the records which started a whole genre, namely “crust” and it was released three years after “Arise”. A landmark and monumental recording which set some very serious foundations for the crust sound. Torturing guitars, haunting and obscured atmospheres, use of female voices, chaotic synths, crushing drums, excruciating vocals, a major, major holocaust!

Hellbastard was in the same path as Amebix in this record (I say was because their next LP is a thrash masterpiece without any relation to crust), but to my opinion they are a little more “wide” than Amebix, but still in the same path. These two bands in fact are the path itself, that of a stone cold, dark and desperate thrashy crust which kills. Hellbastard sound is indeed saturated with some metal elements from the beginning to the end, and furthermore they create new paths on the way, overcome the traditional boundaries of the genre and, as Discharge sung in “the possibility of life’s destruction”, they are like “a door slamming in the depths of hell”!

A continuous sadistic chant, dealing ideologically with the excrement of society, of war, of darkness and it’s paths. There is no hope, no light, you just heading for internal darkness! Hellbastard is a sonic interpretation of a situation like being thrown into a dungeon. Slightly more metal than punk, definitely pure crust in all the essence of the term, an aggressively charged confrontation.

The landscape described by the nine tracks of this album is grim, as grim as the whole packaging, artwork and design. Record opens with a deadly and decaying intro, only a glimpse of what’s about to happen. A prelude to “We Had Evidence”, and thus a prelude to the eight cataclysmic tracks that follow, with a conclusion beyond description with “Rise Of Crust”! This is exactly what this record actually is and by the way, this is first time the term “crust” term was used. So powerful… a “model” of how a crust should sound: like a storm and a prison altogether, yes!

Even if this sounds bold, I do think that this is the holy grail of the whole genre (sorry Amebix). There are no words to describe how important this album is for the evolution of that distinctive sound we all know and love. It was inevitable for this sound to eventually be invented and this record is the birth certificate. No compromise, just straight forward in-your-face or better, in-your-ears, battering. Venom, Motorhead and Black Sabbath merged into a punk orgy in the cauldron and alas… Hellbastard was born!

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