They Brought Death

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They Brought Death










Walking the path of conformity
There must be more than this
Not necessarily conforming
Becoming another grey number

Realise your potential
Gain your pride
We all have the strength
We all have the power

“I stand at the gate of decision
to be or not to be is the order
And yet which path have I took?
or was I forced to take?
I opted out of the deadlock
(The best decision I could make)”

Mystery into the unknown
Exploring your mind (explore your own mind)
Before you criticise others
Or is it your deadlock?
Or is it your deadlock?

They Brought Death

[lyrics needed]


They Brought Death brings two tracks (plus an intro) and a blending of crust and thrashy metal riffs and Scruff’s guttural snarls: Schwärzwasser is the emotional intro that leads to the thrashy mid tempo attack of Deadlock, and eponymous track, imagine Venom meeting Amebix or to coin Maximum Rock n Roll “Crass meets Metallica”. Despite the metal influences and the “too much metal” guitar sound and riffs, this still stands at least with one foot in the crust/punk territory.

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